Ear-shaped earphones of Vulcans for Star Trek fans

If you're tired of traditional headphones Apple that everyone has, so here's a new product that may cause a sensation ... but you will not go unnoticed ! The site of unusual products and geeks ThinkGeek so imagined headphones specially designed for Star Trek fans.

These take the form the famous ears of the Vulcans, this famous extraterrestrial species with pointed ears whose Captain Spock is surely the most popular of the representatives. In practical terms, these headphones allow you to simulate Vulcan ears on your own ears.

A must-have for fans of Star Trek marketed $ 39 sure ThinkGeek. The headphones have a communication autonomy of four to five. Good by cons, if you thought to go unnoticed, it's a little missed ... To discover on the ThinkGeek site.

Credits : ThinkGeek

Credits : ThinkGeek

Imagined by:ThinkGeek

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