This challenge offers you to reproduce in pictures the famous paintings

Art is part of Cultural Heritage that we have to keep over time. Many initiatives are proliferating all over the world to encourage new generations to take an interest in art and, above all, to preserve it. the United Kingdom, in the project context Europeana (a digital platform to promote artistic cultural heritage), the association Culture 24 launched the project "VanGoYourself". The principle is simple: Internet users have access to an online platform where they are invited to reproduce with personal photos famous paintings.

In the manner of a challenge, the site "VanGoYourself" therefore invites the curious to reinvent a famous painting among a choice of 100 paintings. Each work is labeled according to specific criteria (for example, you can choose an easy to reproduce painting). The different reinterpretations are then published on the platform to motivate new participations.

An excellent project that aims to revalorize the artistic cultural heritage thanks to a fun and motivating challenge. Here, no particular skill is required, just a camera, a little imagination and especially a few models. We suggest you discover below a selection of revisited paintings. To learn more about the project, visit the site of the device "VanGoYourself".

"The Reaper" by Kanuty Rusiecki

Credits: Eglandas Višinskas

"The Madonna and Child" by Ambrogio Borgognone

Credits: Ruzistori

"Bitter Gully" by Adriaen Brouwer

Credits: Şahan Gürkan

"Self Portrait With Gray Felt Hat" by Vincent Van Gogh

Credits: Optivion

"Dancing on the Jetty" by Hugo Simberg

Credits: Päivi

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

Credits: Mariella Brunazzi

"Self-portrait" by Napoleon Iłłakowicz

Credits: Lenni

"The Gower Family, The Children of Granville" by George Romney

Credits: Maria

"Evening Reading NVanderpeet" by Hendrik Jacobus Scholten

Credits: Samir Mazumder

"Auguste et Cinna" by Étienne-Jean Delécluze

Credits: Leoht

"The Visitation" by Pontormo

Credits: Priscilla

"The Buffalo Lute" by Frans Hals

Credits: Nikolina

Imagined by: Culture 24

Video: Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial (February 2020).