Mermaids stranded in an ocean of 10,000 plastic bottles (+ making-of)

Plastic pollution is a real problem for our environment. In North America, one person uses on average 167 plastic bottles per year. Over 60 years, that represents an average consumption of 10,000 bottles. A cold figure in the back, especially when you know that a plastic bottle can put up 400 years before disappearing completely.

Based in Montreal, Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer who had the idea to set up an amazing art project for raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution. He imaginedmermaids swimming in the middle of plastic bottles.

To achieve his ends, he recreated a "sea" of 10,000 plastic bottles. Several models disguised as sirens pose in the middle of this show as beautiful as desolate. You have understood, the objective here is very clear: to use the "beautiful" and the magic to awaken the consciences on a major problem of our society. And it's successful!

Imagined by:Benjamin Von Wong

Video: How I made plastic pollution more shareable with a Mermaid and 10000 plastic bottles - 33 (February 2020).