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This toggle includes a cushion to allow you to sit absolutely anywhere

We have all been, at least once in our lives, queuing for long minutes with very bad feet and of course being unable to sit. But we agree: no one can carry under his arm this little folding chair we would all like to have.

That's why home creatives ThinkGeek have undoubtedly found what seems to be the best solution to overcome them. For the anecdote, ThinkGeek is an online shop well known to geeks and lovers of accessories and unusual objects of all kinds. Since a few weeks, the shop sells Bean Bag Onesie, a toggle specially designed to allow you to sit in all circumstanceswhere you want, when you want.

This green hooded jumpsuit will not help you go unnoticed, it's clear. On the other hand, all its ingenuity lies in the fact that it integrates a real pouf at your buttocks. Sure, it's quite bulky when you're up and holding can give the impression that your buttocks are huge, but this "Combination-cushion" was really designed to allow you to rest anywhere, and that's pretty well thought out!

You queued for long minutes before going back to the cinema? No worries, let yourself fall. You are at friends' house but all the chairs are used? You already know the solution. In short, the Bean Bag Onesie is a frog that will undoubtedly have a lot of trouble, but that meets the need to sit absolutely anywhere. And that is priceless ! Finally Yes : $ 89.99 in ThinkGeek. A small gift to offer to your feet ... and your buttocks!

Credits: ThinkGeek

Credits: ThinkGeek

Credits: ThinkGeek

Imagined by: ThinkGeek

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