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This watermelon cut works like a windmill to create cubes

Summer is coming (soon), its good weather and its high temperatures too ... It gives thirstyou are not told. The perfect time to rush into watermelons : refreshing and sweet, they save us during episodes of heat wave. But yet, as delicious as they are, what galley when it comes to cut ! So, in order to avoid small sores, we may have the solution ...

This gadget well thought out, which does not look like, is used to cut your watermelon! Thanks to its clever system ofroulette"And with a slight pressure forward, the cutting is done alone. The cut watermelon cubes are then collected thanks to a small bar of storage made of steel, placed just in the back. And thanks to a system of sliding, this storage space can also vary from sizes cubes according to your desires!

Effortlessly, these perfectly square cubes are cut with this "roulette", which is also reminiscent of a windmill. Thanks to the movement operated by hand, this tool easy to use only requires a simple push forward, to get your precious bits of watermelon!

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Little more? Since the ends of this roulette cut are rounded, no danger for your little fingers.

So, what do you think ? Perfect for you drink without putting it everywhere. And if you still have trouble in peel or cut other fruits and vegetables, we advise you this article on 20 creative kitchen accessories, to make your life easier!

Credits: Commonlee

Credits: Commonlee

Credits: Commonlee

Credits: Commonlee

Imagined by: COMMONLEE

Video: Watermelon Windmill Slicer Review - Vivian Tries (February 2020).