Product Design

This door handle captures light to reflect what's behind

It is certain that in terms of decorationdoor handles are not necessarily the first thing you can think of. However, the creative idea and design that we will present today may surprise you.

Aesthetic and practical, here is the handle "Glass globe". In partnership with Design Tide Tokyo, it's the architect Hideyuki Nakayama who designed this gem of decoration. Thanks to UNION, a manufacturer specialized in the field, the handles could be produced, in order to be available for sale in stores.

The principle ? As you approach the handle, you can see a small preview from what appears to be another world; and yet, which is only the reflection of the room right behind ! Indeed, the globe makes it possible to observe the other room, so Big angle. The simple idea works because of the light that is collected on one side and reflected on the other.

A simple reflection, which allows the most curious to spy at a glance what is happening on the other side. Of course, with this kind of handle, we forget aboutprivacy. But, for the sake of aesthetics, we are ready to make some sacrifices, right?

Currently available at the store Plain People, à Aoyama (in Japan), this small design object will decorate your home with subtlety and discretion (or not). Moreover, it reminds us a bit of these door handles designs, well thought out and creative, for the use of People with Disabilities. What do you think ?

Credits : Hideyuki Nakayama X UNION

Credits : Hideyuki Nakayama X UNION

Credits : Hideyuki Nakayama X UNION

Imagined by: Hideyuki Nakayama X UNION